Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Champalou Vouvray 2007 wine review by (PB)

Pale gold with bouquet of sweet powdery stone fruit, with some age on the nose, ripe melon.

Palate--razor sharp acidity on a relaxed front that deceives you into thinking "this is going to be flaccid and then WHAM--tongue cutting acid. Interesting flavors of mixed summer fruit with a note of white pepper that is fleeting. Some other fruit flavors that are really nice but I cannot put a name to them.

I was leery buying this in light of the age but knowing the particular store I also know they stand behind their wines. If it is over the hill, they would gladly refund your money. They assure d me it was fine and they were certainly right.

I paid $8 I think and that is deeply discounted from $12-$16 elsewhere. I will raise more glasses of this Chenin Blanc from the land of Chenin but don't hold onto it; it is peaked right now!

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