Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beaulieu Vineyards Chardonnay (Carneros) 2008 wine review by (PB)

Rather intense golden hue with aromas in the bouquet of caramelized pineapple and a classic "over-the-hill" aroma that white wines tend to get when they are ready to be buried.

Palate--This wine is showing its age in both the bouquet and the palate which can be a mixed bag. This wine has a racy beam of acidic fruit that tastes baked and beyond its prime and yet its a bit interesting. If I was counting on a classic Carneros Chard I would be disappointed and even considering returning it. When I bought it I inquired about the possibility and like all good wine shops, they should (and always have)stood behind any wine that is corked or beyond a reasonable age.

This wine is going back. Sure I only paid $8 for it when this wine would normally go for closer to $20 but a wine that you don't want to drink because it is decrepit is not a bargain at any price.

Raise a glass of a younger version; you'll love it!

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