Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beaujolais Nouveau 2012 G. Duboeuf wine review by (PB)

The annual celebration of the release of Beaujolais Nouveau (NEW)can be studied in our previous posts as this is a BIG day each and every year.

This years Nouveau is cherry red with bright cherry/strawberry aromas with little touches of cinnamon.

Palate--classic Nouveau from the Gamay grape with lovely simple strawberry flavor that is nothing short of delightful. This is a good year for Nouveau so grab it a enjoy it NOW as this wine is meant to drink within the next few months. Expect to pay around $10 and raise a glass!


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Best that I remember. Not a hint of the cloying yeastiness so familiar to NB. GREAT!

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Bought a bottle of Duboeuf nouveau labeled Cuvee Speciale. Chilled it and tried it as I have every year for the last ten. I don't expect too much from Nouveau. I have always liked the fruit forward celebration from the festive bottles. The taste of this years vintage from the bottle I tried was truly awful. Overtones of barnyard acid and finish of outhouse.

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Maybe the "Speciale" had something to do with the "aromas" you describe. :) Seriously, this is one of the best Nouveau's in a 2-3 years so give it another chance; try another producer perhaps and raise a glass.


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