Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 wine Surprise of the year or perhaps decade! by (PB)

Darker caramel colored hue with aromas of caramel, stewed apricot and other stone fruits with a sweet presence of dried fruit.

Palate--Totally even keeled with solid flavors of stone fruit and a slight caramel with a balanced sweetness on a supple foundation with a lingering finish of creamy dried peach/apricot.

Now sit down! I have been studying wine longer than a lot of people reading this have been alive and this is no mistake. Friends of ours (D and L) met us at another friend's house for dinner. He pulled out this wine because they had received it when he and his wife were dating and they just forgot about it. So he thought he would bring it and "share it." His wife was against the idea surmising it would be undrinkable. She SHOULD have been right but as you read, this was extraordinary. This wine should have been barely drinkable when it was at its prime! Ready???

Not only was it a Vendange White Zinfandel, Autumn Harvest(I have a hard time even putting those words down here)but it was vintage 1995.

All I can say is this was a complete anomaly, and utterly extraordinary. It was probably released at the $6 price point. (The 1994 was rated an 81 by the Wine Spectator on their 100 point scale)

At any rate--I was blown away and once again wine provides adventure and surprise like nothing else so raise a glass in the new year!

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Nicole Gamble said...

This is a great read, PB! Really enjoy all your blog posts!