Friday, May 13, 2011

Taylor Fladgate *Late Bottled Vintage Port 2003 review by (PB)

Creamy ripe plum and prune aromas;
Palate--silky, velvety texture, with ripe prune fruit on a luxurious bed of sweetness that lingers.

The perfect ending to a meal or accompany with hearty cheeses especially bleu's with bite. A real treat is dark chocolate with a sip or dark chocolate dipped strawberries!

This sells for around the $25 price point and is a nice splurge! Just say Ahhhhh and raise a glass.

*Do not confuse this with "Vintage Port." The difference? I'll let Dr. Vinny of the Wine Spectator answer that.

"“Late-Bottled Vintage” or “LBV” Ports aren’t bottled until up to four to six years from the vintage date. This means they spend about twice as long in wood as Vintage Ports, and so they’re usually more accessible at an early age. Some producers cold-stabilize and filter their LBVs, which is supposed to eliminate the need to decant the wine, but I’ve found that it can strip away the flavors. If you’re looking for LBVs made more like Vintage Ports, look for the word “Traditional” on the label. LBVs were originally intended to offer an experience comparable to Vintage Port but at a much lower cost. Many deliver the goods, but some of them can be just shadows of the real thing.

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