Monday, May 09, 2011

Napa River chardonnay 2009 review by (PB)

Pale gold with buttery lemon and loads of vanilla and citrus aromas.

Palate--First impression is flaccid structure but quickly gives way to some real acid that comes out of no where. Tastes like honest Napa Chardonnay without the Napa price. This is actually a decent chard that tastes like the real thing. Why do I say that? Because this is another Trader Joe's absurd value wine selling for $6. I am not certain but I think this may be a Fred Franzia wine--Fred is famous for saying that no wine is worth more than $10! Go FRED!!!

It is a touch under-structured but classically varietal, so raise a glass.

I plan to serve it with a shrimp over pasta with a cream sauce which I haven't yet decided quite what I will do with it.

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