Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Day Wine Perspective

If you are looking for a very good write up on Thanksgiving Day wines and how to make that last minute selection, see this post by NW.

If, however, you have alternate dietary requirements, whether by choice or by necessity, read on.

Thankfully(!) wine is a holiday staple that is usually not restricted from most diets. But pairing it is often the challenge. My family has been vegetarian for well over 10 years now. But we never fail to have some wonderful wines with our Thanksgiving Dinner and for that we are truly thankful. Here is what is on the wine menu this year:

Trevisiol Prosecco Veneto Extra Dry. This sparkling white Italian wine comes from Valdobbiadene. It will make a versatile aperitif with the various munchies we will have out - aged cheeses, olives, crackers and spreads. - about $12

Main Course:

Bottle 1: Sawyer 2004 Bradford Meritage. This is a Napa Valley (Rutherford) Red. It has some age on it and will be a mature and robust addition to our thank-full meal full of traditional side dishes and a delightful quorn roast. - about $25

Bottle 2: Fetish "The Watcher" 2008 Barossa Valley Shiraz. This is a robust, big, bullish wine. This is an example of where what you like is what you like and you go with it. For our family, the fetching Mrs. Billy simply adores Aussie Shirazes. So she will enjoy this wine even with the lighter fare that we vegetarians typically enjoy on meat-centric holidays. - about $25

All in all there are many reasons to be thankful this year. These three wines will be a delightful addition to the vegetarian meal. Raise a Glass!

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