Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beaujolais Nouveau G. Duboeuf 2010 review by (PB)

Classic Gamay light purple/cherry hue with substantial aromas of candy apple, sweet cherry and strawberry hints.

Palate: A tad tart with a slight puckery dryness that makes you smack your lips. The wonderful berry aromas on the nose are scant on the palate. The aftertaste has a "beer" like quality to it--seriously.

Well, with Nouveau you have to take what you get. 2005 was one of the best Nouveaus in memory and 2007 as well as 2008 were also quite delicious. This 2010 is one of the lesser examples I have had in several years. Bummer. Try another negociant and see what you get! Raise a glass--of a different Nouveau!


At 10:30 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I regrettably must agree. And we were so excited that we jumped out and bought a case! Lesson learned :(

At 11:46 AM permalink, Blogger PB said...

You should be able to return the other bottles! No respectable store would refuse you.

At 4:13 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"No respctable store would refuse you."
Seriously? Just because you don't like it? It's not like the wine is flawed in any way. Maybe if you have been a good/great customer, the store would do it as a favor, but otherwise, no. "Lesson learned" is correct.

At 2:01 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't tried this years yet but will in a day or so. I agree with PB, take it back- for an exchange or store credit rather than refund. You want to be pleased, they want a happy customer, aside from an extra trip back to the shop it's no loss for anyone. Or you can make use of it via a Sangria...

Unless I've personally sampled a bottle, I never purchase a case on blind faith, no matter how good a deal it appears to be in overall price... But I understand the tendency towards being overly optimistic.


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