Saturday, November 06, 2010

Quarles Harris Porto Late Bottled Vintage Port 2005 review by (PB)

Another Trader Joe's nice wines--this one earned the Wine Enthusiast's 90 point "Best Buy" rating. I can go along with the best buy but right now this wine is still too young. Watch out in a couple more years!

This wine is young with a purple hue and deeply fruity with licorice/anise/fennel, ripe prune hints but not over done.

Palate--Sweet (of course) ripe prunes, a bit harsh, grapey but nicely textured with a silky presence, licorice and light black pepper.

I paid $13 at Trader Joe's and would buy another so raise a glass.

Remember--do NOT confuse a "Late Bottled Vintage Port" with "Vintage Port." They are two different animals and I assure you two vastly different price points! The Quarles Harris 2007 "Vintage Porto" by the way--is spectacular and is a STEAL at $35!

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mrclm said...

Just cracked a bottle of the 2005 and am loving it. Could use a bit more maturation, but for this price I'm in no way complaining! The color is spectacular (and unexpected).