Saturday, November 06, 2010

Marchese De Petri Il Valore Chianti Riserva 2006 review by (PB)

Finally--we have a Trader Joe's in our state of Maine. While I am a big fan of TJ's wine selection and pricing, this one is pretty disappointing by way of both selection and pricing. This Chianti Riserva--I assume made for Trader Joe's perhaps or at least is bought in bulk by TJ's is $6. What do you get for $6?

A decent garnet hue wine with cherry, evergreen and licorice aromas with a nice Sangiovese bouquet!

Palate--Cedar and cherry with dried cherry flavors that tastes remarkably like a Tuscan Sangiovese. This was a pleasant surprise and at $6, this IS a BUY MORE kind of wine so raise a glass.

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Anonymous said...

I just tried this wine, and I thought it was pretty good. The tannins linger a bit though