Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trimbach Gewurztraminer 2003 wine review by (PB)

This 7 year old Alsatian Gewurz is on its last legs. Golden hue with "brown" aromas of caramel,burnt honey with nuanced fruit underneath it all reminiscent of stewed pears.

Palate--Solid structure with decent acid and flavors of baked and stewed fruit with subtle classic Gewurz suggestion hiding in the finish which has some light pear and green apple notes. Tastes almost like a Madeira.

How reliable is this blog? I bought my 03 Trimabach a week after NW of this blog for under $10 when it normally sells for twice that. (Read (NW's) entry just below this one) After reading (NW's) piece about his 03 I decided to open mine immediately. Good thing--mine is even a little further gone than (NW's) and would have lost it if I had waited to open it. See? We even take our own advice!

What is a wonderful experience is the glorious difference between the young version of this wine and the aged one. Same wine, same producer, but a world of difference all because of age. If you have the means sometime, buy a few bottles of the same wine and drink them at different ages keeping good notes to compare. You will learn how age effects a wine and you will be able more intelligently to "know" what you like and the treasure that lies within some wines. Raise a glass on this fine summer day!

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Hampers said...

Thanks for the research and review on this. I’ve seen it in the store and can feel better about buying it!