Friday, June 18, 2010

Maso Campofiorin 2006 sponsored wine review (PB)

This "ripasso" style wine was sent to the WCB with compliments.
Presents with a nice ruby/garnet hue of some intensity and a bouquet emitting bold fragrances of nice cherry and earthy notes with subtle prune hint. If you waft the glass away from your nose there is a lovely sweet candied cherry note.

*Palate--A little hot, a little watery in texture and rather thin all around. After a great start, this is disappointingly lackluster with some smoke on the finish but I also just opened it and haven't let it breathe. (*After a couple hours of air my review stands) Finish is smokey fruit but short lived.

This is made from Veronese grapes consisting of a blend of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. In the "ripasso"method of vinfication, grapes that were used in the making of Amarone where the grapes are dried and then vinified, the ripasso method utilizes the pomace (the old skins, stems and seeds) and the new wine is allowed to undergo another fermentation on the pomace. It might sound weird but at its best it produces a more affordable "junior" kind of Amarone.

This wine runs around $15 and for the price, it is a decent enough food wine . Old World lovers of wine will appreciate this more than new world lovers. I paired it with "refrigerator aged" coffee rubbed rib eye steaks on the grill and it did a good job so raise a glass at any rate!

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