Saturday, April 03, 2010

Wines For Easter Dinner by (PB)

What to serve with that celebratory Easter feast? What's on your menu--Lamb? Turkey (that's what I'm having) beef? or the traditional ham?

If you're having turkey, go to our Thanksgiving wine posts from the past; they're wonderfully helpful. If you're having lamb, think a bold wine like a quality Syrah (Shiraz if its Aussie) or even a Petite Syrah (which is NOT small Syrah...but an entirely different grape and a big wine.)

Since so many different wines go with beef--it really matters more what you're having with the beef and how you're cooking it. Grilled? Think Zinfandel. Is it with a sauce? Pair the wine to the sauce and spicing but generally, a nice Cabernet Sauvignon will usually work.

And since ham seems to be the most traditional fare at this season, think in terms of a fruity, *sweeter wine with good structure and some character.

*Do not think "sweet" means one of the ubiquitous cheap "soda pop"wines out there that are unfortunately so popular. Sweet means a crafted wine that is balanced with acid moderating the sweet impression and making it food friendly. My first two choices would be a nice Washington state Riesling or a German Riesling of the "Kabinett" or even "Spatlese" designation or "title" (pradikat) if you are familiar with German labeling. If not ask your wine store person! My other choice would be a nice fruity Gewurztraminer (Fetzer is one of my perennial favorites and available everywhere. About $9!) Beyond, these, a Cru Beaujolais could work but some expert advice from your wine expert would be helpful.

The biggest thing here is don't go through all the work of great meal only to skimp on the wine. That's a quick way to ruin a lot of work and a great celebration. If you have a "special" bottle laying around and you just can't seem to open it because it is "special" THIS is the occasion.

God became a man and lived for the express purpose of dying for the sins of mankind rising from the grave defeating death, once for all! What could possibly be more "special"than that???

Raise a glass and don't forget that a nice Port goes GREAT with dark chocolate!!!


Hampers said...

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