Thursday, April 22, 2010

Greg Norman Shiraz Limestone Coast 2006 wine review by (PB)

I reviewed this wine earlier in April just a few weeks ago with consistent notes though I served it blind to (NW) next to the Jaffurs Syrah. (NW) was not stumped for a second pegging the country of origin, the grape and I think even the producer. Aussie wines, like the Norman Limestone coast are pretty obvious with their eucalyptus and licorice bouquet etc.

This Shiraz is a good one at $14 and is a decent value. It presents with a garnet to cranberry hue with scant cedar on a green front with fruit that is dilute, and a little awkward with a touch of strawberry, licorice and spice trying to fight its way out. Breathe it!

Palate: Softer, thinner and tight fruit but as it warms up from cellar temperature, the bouquet intensifies with a really nice, sweet eucalyptus and fruit note but still stingy on flavor.

This review doesn't do it justice; it held its own against the Jaffurs which was twice as much but all in all is a solid value Shiraz from down under.

Go fetch a Wallaby, grab your waltzing Maltilda, and raise a glass!

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