Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fetzer "Valley Oaks" Chardonnay 2008 wine review (Real time) by (PB)

Light golden straw hue with ample bouquet of tropical fruit with melon, powdery vanilla and cream notes.

Palate--Racy acidity, with solid structure and loads of citrusy, tropical fruit compote all wrapped into one big fruity, value Chard. It even has a finish that let's you know what you've been drinking after the fact.

Remember the axiom, "You get what you pay for when buying wine." That's actually a pretty good rule to a certain extent. One Exception are "value wines" which are wines that trump the wisdom of the rule. There can be numerous reasons why a wine is inexpensive with respect to the quality you get. One is production.

Fetzer kicked out nearly 630,000 cases of this wine. That is a HUGE production which yields an economy of scale. this wine is typically found for $9 but Trader Joe's sells it for $7. At either price, it is a value wine and received Wine Spectator's "Best Buy" designation. See? I wouldn't steer you wrong.

I will pair this with some kind of Haddock and fiddle head fern dish this evening so raise a glass!

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