Thursday, February 19, 2009

The White Knight Sauvignon Blanc 2006 real-time wine review by (PB)

I just walked in, chicken and dumplings are on the stove and I twisted off the cap of this Lodi (Calif.) varietal which is connected to the Sebastiani family.

Bouquet--Sweet fragrances of sunny tropical fruits with a honeyed nose.

Palate--bone dry with racy acidity that makes you smack your lips. Some citrus (Meyer lemons) with a subtle finish of a nearly caramel hint. (Yes I have a Meyer lemon tree...okay my WIFE has one...)

This is a perfect example of how a fruity wine can give you the impression of being annoyingly sweet and yet--Wham! it is dry as cactus during a drought. As my mouth sits empty, there is an interesting sensation and taste of another fruit but I *can't pin it down. (I subsequently went to a grocery store and bought a kumquat on a lark--Bingo! That's the fruit I couldn't pin down.)

This should be a good food wine with all that acid and a real palate cleanser. I like it and for $9 it's an interesting find and pleasant to be stuck in Lodi again!

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with the first review. Dead on description. I detected a little mineral mid sip. Had it at Locanda Del Lago in Santa Monica with a salmon carpaccio. Awesome. Good to find it is so inexpensive by the bottle.

Anonymous said...

Well well, I picked up a few bottles on sale at Big lots for ONE DOLLAR a bottle. $1 !!!! It tastes ok to not bad. And for the price it tastes better than '2buckchuck' run my children and pickup a few bottles. LOL