Saturday, February 28, 2009

Toad Hollow Amplexus Cremant Brut wine review by Billy

Nose:Warm rising bread dough aromas with hints of nutmeg and candy sprinkles. Hints of lavender.
Palate:small (not tiny) bubbles are prevalent in the mouth with a pleasingly elegant dryness that avoids a mouth-parching bone dryness. Good structure and balance. Vanilla buttercream in the mouth.
Finish:Softly Floral. Springtime.
Overall: I paid $18 for this wine and am pleasantly surprised. It has elegant edible flower characteristics and an earthy-yeasty nose that provides a richness beyond the price point. A classy sparkling wine from France.

I bought this wine this evening for Open That Bottle Night since everything in my cellar worth opening has a "Wait until 20XX" sign on it the earliest of which is next year. I'm pleased with this sparkling. It has class and character that outranks the Washington State DSM's I've tried and is a nice change from the Mumm Napa's as well. Well worth having a bottle or two on hand for guests or celebrations.

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