Friday, February 06, 2009

San Antonio Winery N.V. "port" wine review by (PB)

This California "Port" brilliant plum purple with bouquet of cranberry and black cherry with black berry notes--not very "port like."

Palate is rather flaccid with a sweet thinnish foundation that is weird, awkward and clunky.

Now in fairness--after reading the back label--it states, "Our the perfect ingredient in certain dishes like baked pears in a port sauce..."

Okay for cooking, this is a decent wine; for drinking--not so much.

But note this well; typically many people tend to use their "bad" wine to cook with. DON'T! Never cook with anything you wouldn't drink. Those "bad" flavors do not mysteriously change because they have been added to other ingredients. If you won't drink it; good rule is--don't cook with it! So raise a glass to decent culinary prowess! (BTW $8)

Note--the label shown is for their "Marsala" wine; the "port" label is the same except for that word.

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