Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pommery Brut Royal wine review by Billy

Nose:Mushroom and toasted sesame crackers underneath a white grapefruit citrus core
Palate: Bitty bubbles that are more prickles than tickles. Strong acid gives weight to the delicacy of the bubbles. Dry as the Brut label suggests but not overly so. Strong citrus acids on the palate are like underripe tropical fruit. Almost bitter but remaining accessible.
Finish: subtle green apple peel and vanilla on the finish.
Overall: I paid about $43 for this bottle just this evening (I think of it as my own "stimulus package"). This champagne is elegant but brutal. It is like the corset under the evening gown, the tuxedo that is uncomfortable but makes you look really quite nice. The flavor of the wine is like that (not the fact of the bottle or the price point) It is the elegance requiring discomfort which is gladly endured for the sake of the beauty it provides. Ascetic. Worthy.

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