Friday, July 11, 2008

Poggio Amorelli Chianti Classico Riserva 2001 wine review by (PB)

I bought this wine with dinner at the very fine Italian restaurant in Portland Maine called Cinque Terre. It was the occasion of our 35th year of wedded bliss together. Not bad for two who were married and "children" 19 and 20 and voted most-mismatched couple of our senior class in our school's "Senior Superlatives." Take THAT all you doubters!!!

Anyway, I paid $70 for the bottle which considering retail is $40, is a relative bargain in the restaurant mark up world of wine. The wine was served in nice glasses as well although very disappointingly, the wine was not only warm but nearly "hot."

The day was particularly hot, the evening was early and the restaurant had not cooled down yet leaving room temperature at, well room temperature. This is nearly criminal when you consider again the price you pay for restaurant wines. At any rate, 2001 was a grand year for Tuscany and although I ordered the 03, apparently they were out which is why you always check the label before the wine is opened. (The waiter didn't realize he had brought the wrong wine.)

The wine was a pretty garnet with some years still left on this fine vintage. Cherry notes abounding but again the ridiculously warm temperature of the wine was volatilizing the alcohol so readily that it over powered the nuances of the bouquet that I am sure were buried beneath.

Wine temperature is important and yes while some can get carried away in either direction, too hot or too cold can stifle a good wine.

Palate was tasty with cherry as the predominant flavor with touches of cinnamon and chocolate.
It was a nice accompaniment to the chef's tasting menu we ordered and a grand occasion was celebrated with a grand evening. We raised a glass as we shall continue to do as long as the Lord tarries.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review.

On several such occasions, I have asked for my red wine to be chilled in an ice bucket next to my table. It sounds like your wine only needed to be chilled for a few minutes. You have every right to ask for this under such circumstances.

PB said...

The previous post is absolutely correct and for some reason--senior brain cramp?--I thought of that only after leaving the restaurant. Duh...
Actually, I was distracted gazing in to the captivating eyes of my true love of 35 years...

PB said...

"Good save wedding singer..."