Friday, July 11, 2008

Griesbauerhof Sudtirol "Lagrein" 2005 wine review by (PB)

(NW) decided we needed to pursue adding the "Centi-varietal" distinction to our credentials and our palates. Meaning, we need to find (the hard part) and taste (the easy part) wines made from 100 different grape varieties. He spied this Northern Italian wine--so northern that the label reads more like a German wine than an Italian one--and grabbed it because of the grape--Lagrein--which we have never had.

The Lagrein grape is a relative of Syrah which explains the heavy pigmentation of the wine. It is intensely dark almost black-black cherry to the rim.

Tight aromas of tart cherry with spice try to emerge underneath with white pepper notes later on.

Palate--huge cedar blast immediately though the wine is a bit flaccid on opening with tight stingy lt. berry fruit.

After opening up a bit, there is cedar galore--too much but interesting none the less but I feel like I have bitten into a Christmas tree limb. Finish is a touch light. Interesting wine but nothing I would care to repeat as a varietal which is why it is blended normally with other grapes. Being high in acid and usually very tannic, it is a good grape to give back bone to a gentler variety.

It is one to "check off" the list anyway! Raise a glass!

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