Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Trentadue Old Patch Red 2004 wine review by (PB)

Yet another close out wine for which I paid $8 when it sells for around twice that. This Sonoma blend is a pleasant cherry to black cherry color to the rim. Bouquet is ripe black berries with that rustic touch.

This wine is 76% Zinfandel, 16% Petite Syrah, and 8% Carignane. The Petite syrah works well with this blend. It is full and wild with ripe berry flavors and blueberries, a little espresso and black berry jam with a slightly bitter finish that is pleasant.

This was a very tasty wine worth the price to be sure but even considerably more. Raise a glass.


Anonymous said...

Tried this at a restaurant last weekend, and I have to agree with your comments. Sheesh, wish I could find some around here for $8. What a steal!

Huskr81 said...

I received a bottle of this great wine for my birthday last March, and just got around to drinking it. It was the best "cheap" wine I have ever had. My daughter bought it at our local grocery store wine department for $6.00!! I am on my way out the door to buy as much as I can. Hopefully there are a few bottles left. It was so fruity and yet had a full bodied flavor that was great with the pot roast I made. That my husband thought I had bought a really expensive wine for dinner that night!! If you see it.. buy a bottle and try it. I was amazed for a screw on cap wine, how good it really was.