Friday, June 01, 2007

Langmeil Valley Floor Barossa Shiraz 2005 Wine Review (Blind Tasting with PB- posted by NW)

Tasting notes:

Rich nose of ripe berries and anise

Smooth core of blueberry jam, thick and almost sweet

Velvety finish with wild berries, mint, and sweet spices

This wine is big and rich! It has all the qualities of the new world style, with ripe fruit and jammy, thick texture. No surprise that it's an Australian Shiraz from the Barossa Valley.

Tasting blind, I new it right away- but that's because I supplied the bottle for the tasting. If I didn't know there was a Shiraz involved, I would have also suspected Petite Sirah or Zinfandel due to the thick, jammy texture.

The wine is delicious. The only problem is that we tasted it along side a 1996 Chateau Lynch-Bages. Next to a mature Bordeaux, the Langmeil was almost too sweet and thick- like the blueberry syrup on the table at a mom-and-pop pancake house.

I paid $24 for the bottle sometime within the past six months. At a relatively modest price compared to a lot of Barossa Shiraz now, this one delivers the experience you'd expect. Raise a glass!

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