Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Vigneti Di Campomaggio 2003 wine review by (PB)

2003 was a really good year for Tuscany and this creation is a classic example of fine Tuscan wine. It has a gorgeous "burgundy red" hue with classic stingy aromas with some solid Sangiovese aromas and steely notes, with dried cherries but is really tight on opening and needs to be aired out some.

Even still, the mouth has an initial blast of spice like a touch of clove with vibrant tannins and is really tasty out of the gate with a finish of smokiness. This is still a youthful wine.

With an hour of air, the bouquet opens up some but is still a bit tight and the palate is heightened with tart raspberries and a slight touch of licorice.

This is a very nice old world wine and when done right; old world wines are just in a different class than new world wines. This one is done right! The fact is, I LOVE new world wines and I LOVE old world wines; if it is well made and delicious and memorable, then raise a glass. This wine was found at Sam's Club for $18. Buy it if you find it--better still--buy more and lay the rest down. It is drinking great right now and will only get better!

Wine spectator gave this wine a 91 point rating and "Highly Recommended."

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