Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Covey Run Gewurztraminer 2004 wine review by (PB)

This Columbia Valley (Washington State) varietal with the grape of the interminably long name is pronounced Ga-VURTS-tra-mee'ner which means "spicy traminer" The traminer grape hales from the Alto-Adige region of Italy but is best known to be a French/Alsatian wine; that is until the whole world wine seen changed. Now some of the best Gewurz grapes are raised in France and California.

Enough head lint; what you need to know is the new world version is just one of my absolute favorite quaffing wines known for its peachy/apricoty floral spicy bouquet and when made well, is fabulous with a chill on it all by itself or is one of the best pairing wines for tough foods like oriental or middle eastern cuisine.

This one is a medium golden with BIG peach bouquet and a touch of apricot and a hint of cream. the palate is off dry with nice structure. It is graced with a floral note on the palate; finessed and delicate all around. Very nice, especially at $9! Raise a glass and say, Ahhhhhhhh...

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NW said...

I'm having trouble finding this. Where did you buy it?