Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sonoma Cutrer "Russian River Ranches" Chardonnay 2004 wine review by (PB)

If you want a really nice Chardonnay with character, and complexity and won't cost you a second mortgage this is the wine to try. I paid $10 for a glass of it in a restaurant but it costs around $22 retail for a bottle. It is worth every penny!

The wine starts with a gentle straw/golden hue and a big lemon, pineapple and vanilla cream bouquet with something else strong--and lovely--trying to break out. The perfumy spice was eluding my wife and I so we grabbed the spices out of the cupboard and started sniffing. BINGO! Cardamom big time--wild and wonderful.

This wine has a well crafted foundation with solid acid to make it a great food wine and wonderful Chard tastes to enjoy solo. We had it with crab cakes on our porch and it was awesome. But to be perfectly fair, when you live in Maine and can do anything on the porch, it is awesome...

Grab this Chard, enjoy it and raise a glass or three with some good company.


Anonymous said...

Can I be your company?

tomox said...

I just tried this. It was crisp and aromatic. This wine was perfect with sea food pasta.

Anonymous said...

Saturday night I asked my waiter at the Hilton (dntn Vancouver, WA) for a chard recommendation to go with my black mussels and house salad. He poured Sonoma Cutrer, saying he's always had great customer reaction to this wine.

Wow! Loved it. The right balance of all that you seek in a good chardonnay. Underline "all!"