Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sideshow La Rosa 2004 wine review by (PB)

The Sideshow line of wines intrigued me with their silly label and commentaries on the reverse of the bottle. While I don’t normally “get off” on creative wine labels, the folks at the Sideshow won me over with their inexpensive wines that are uncomplicated and a decent value.

Since I have been trying to find Roses of late, I saw this one and grabbed it for $7. It is from the Campo De Borja region of Spain although I have no idea what it is made from. Never-the-less it is watermelon juice in color with a lovely strawberry and light raspberry scented wine.

In the mouth it doesn’t deliver as much as the bouquet leads you to believe but it is still a nice Summer guzzler. There is a somewhat bitter tone ion the palate and a light finish of summer berries. Chill it down, forget about evaluating this wine and just raise a glass to blue skies and BBQ grills!

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