Monday, July 10, 2006

Greg Norman Estates Sparkling Wine N.V. wine review by (PB)

Celebrating our 33rd anniversary, my wife and I were aced out of a real wine shop due to it being Sunday so we had to settle for a local supermarket in the little town where we spent the night.

I grabbed an $11 bottle of Norman’s Chard/Pinot Noir blend and put it on ice.

It was mediocre with nothing really distinctive about it. It was pleasant enough and had enough structure to make it potable but for $11, believe it or not there’s plenty of sparklers out there with a lot more oomph! Think–Prosecco, Freixnet, even Domaine St. Michelle from Washington State. So, like I said, it is O.K. just rather boring. Raise a glass any way.

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