Saturday, July 01, 2006

High Altitude Malbec 2004 Wine review by (PB)

Well, I’ve been out of town for a few days so I apologize for the hiatus of reviews.

I returned to a BBQ chicken dinner so I grabbed this wine as it was previously untasted by me and my beloved.

This Argentinian red is grown at high altitudes just like the name says allowing warm sunny days and cool nights to work their magic on the fruit of the vine.

This wine is a youthful red/purple in color on the pour with a gentle bouquet but a deep nose of dried cherries and fresh fruit. It is definitely “hot” on opening with subdued flavors but twenty minutes of air as well as a chill down in the fridge–my ambient cellar is up to around 72 in these warm spots of the day–does this wine well.

It went well with out BBQ’s chicken, macaroni and cheese and a delightful reunion of lovers after being gone four days to a conference.

For the $8 this wine cost, it is a decent buy and a good wine. So, raise a glass to warm nights and hot love!

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