Friday, July 07, 2006

Almira Los Dos 2004 wine review by (PB)

This inexpensive red was an experiment. I paid $7 for it which was not money well spent. This Spanish is 93% Grenache which is what the nose is from a distance with a splash (7%) of Syrah. The bouquet is typical, fruity Grenache but on the swirl there is an unappealing medicinal nose. This wine has moments of mediocrity but is confused at best.

The palate is tannic, then some fruit. It’s not horrible but worth passing up! Don’t raise glass of this.


Anonymous said...

I did like this wine. The body seemed chewy and not tannic at all. I didn't find any medicinal notes either. It may not be as polished as a Cotes du Rhone but I did like its rustic texture and fruity nose. To me it's simple, yet quaffable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment! I am intrigued by your "chewy" not tannic comment. Generally, I use chewy to describe a wine that has immature, tight tannins so perhaps we have jsut have a difference of vocab.

At any rate, the bottom that matters is that YOU liked it! In which case, it matters not one whit what anyone else thinks. You like what YOU like! Case closed. (PB)

Anonymous said...

I agree with The first comment. This wine is not bad. It had a simple fruity nose yet great texture and acidity & alcohol seem to be in balance.
And for the record...
CHEWY - a wine has a rather dense, viscous texture from a high glycerin content, it is often referred to as being chewy. High-extract wines from great vintages can often be chewy, largely because they have higher alcohol hence high levels of glycerin, which imparts a fleshy mouthfeel.
And from the Wine Lover's Companion @
CHEWY - Descriptor for wines that are rich, dense, intense, and full-bodied (see body). Such wines (which are generally red) give a mouth-filling impression that make them seem almost thick enough to chew; they are also sometimes referred to as fleshy or meaty.