Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Firestone Merlot 2002 wine review by (PB)

This burgundy red (a color in this case not a region) varietal from the Santa Ynez Valley (Santa Barbara/central coast Ca.)is filling the room with fruit aromas that are full of blueberry, and black cherries punctuated by a mocha nose.

In the mouth, on opening this wine is rich in flavor of toast with dark fruit galore. It has a tannic structure that is stout yet finessed. The finish holds well. With a few minutes of air, there is not a substantial difference; just fruit forward intensity to accompany a robust meal of grilled beef. (Even though I killed two Delmonico steaks this meal by putting them on the coals prematurely—think lighter fluid marinade—the wine was nice and was good with the tortellini with sage butter side.

This was another Gaiter/Brecher wine from one of their Friday columns in the Wall Street Journal. Their column is worth the price of the paper. We, at the wine cask blog are Gaiter/Brecher devotees; their column is straight forward, down to earth, accurate and helpful. From wines I have reviewed which they suggested, I don’t think I have ever found any of their wine reviews wanting. Anyway, the column was on inexpensive Merlots (under $20) and this was one of the favorites.

So, raise a glass, and, oh yeah, this wine ran me $17. A fair price to be sure.


Helpful Links For Growth said...

a fruity red wine, that is under $17? count me in..i'll be looking to purchase this one today..

thanks for the wonderful review.

Steve Seymour said...

I enjoyed this wine!

Darvin said...

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