Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Canella Prosecco Di Conegliano N.V. Wine review by (PB)

This sparkler is a nice find at $11. This Wine Enthusiast “Best Buy” was given 89 points and it earns it. This Italian delight is very light in color with a subtle lemon and cream nose. It is well made with a perfect balance of dry and sweet but very subtle and nice all the way around. I am not a huge fan of any sparkling wines–go figure, but this one has my attention and I loved it.

Shoot, even Matt Kramer of the Wine Spectator was enticed to move to Venice in 2003 just because of a Prosecco that was served to him one afternoon at a lovely osteria; and he could hardly stand Prosecco!

Chill this baby well and sit back and quaff it with a good book, a gentle breeze, and the love of your life at your side. Doesn’t get much better! Raise a glass.

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