Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Barefoot Zinfandel N.V. Wine review by (PB)

This blend of Zinfandel grapes from various regions was purchased because of a magazine recommendation (Food and Wine?).

It cost $8 and has some nice blackberry and raspberry aromas on the bouquet. It is fairly well balanced and has nice dried raspberry notes on the palate. It isn’t “spicy” like many Zins but it is tasty. My wife liked it more than I did.

For the price it is decent. Raise a glass.


jmc said...

"Aussie blend of Zinfandel grapes"? Huh? Like all Zins, these grapes are from CA. (as are the grapes for all the Barefoot wines).

I agree with your assessment of this wine, though; it's not bad. For a much better Zin experience at the same price point, try the spicy, liquorice-laden Camelot 2002 Zinfandel ($7) (what a nose it has!) or the much different Old Moon Old Vine 2005 Zinfandel ($6 at Trader Joe's), which is very young and a bit sweet, but quite tasty IMO.

PB said...

My original post referred to an "Aussie blend" of grapes...Don't even ask me what I was thinking? I'll just plead that I was in a hurry, my week is jammed, and haste makes waste!
Thanks for correcting me! (PB)

Anonymous said...

We buy it on a regular basis. Pairs well with beefs done on the grill. Hard to beat the quality for the price here in North Carolina. It's July 2006.