Sunday, June 11, 2006

Casa LaPostolle Sauvignon Blanc 2004 wine review by (PB)

I brought this bottle up from the cellar somehow thinking it was a Chardonnay. As I was smelling the bouquet I thought, wow, I like this bouquet but this smells like a S. Blanc. Duh; it was! Don’t know where my head was...

I have very little experience with Chilean whites. Casa LaPostolle makes some really fine reds (Think Michele Rolland!) so I was looking forward to this, "table wine" level creation.

This Chilean white is a light golden in color, has a wonderful bouquet of peaches with a cream background and cantaloupe aromas; it also has the classic Sauvignon Blanc “grassy” aroma. Very nice.

In the mouth it is quite acidic, and a little bit of whack but not terribly so. It is actually full of flavor and perky with a lasting cream, fruit finish. This is a powerful wine, be careful what you pair it with. For $7, it was a decent wine. Raise a glass!

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Helpful Links For Growth said...

for $7, it is a wine that i will try, even though im not a fan of white wines..once again, thanks for an excellent recommendation!