Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Santa Barbara Winery "Petite Sirah" 2010 (Santa Barbara County) wine review by (PB)

Youngish looking deeply pigmented cranberry jelly colored hue;

Aromas--sweet berries out of the glass, big, robust, dark berry fruit with licorice note and a rustic, cigar box, forest floor in the swirl.

Palate--Engulfing, fruit bomb that assaults your palate with a rigid acidic foundation befitting such a big wine. There is a tart beam of mouthwatering pomegranate mid palate and all this just on opening. Delicious!

I just returned from Santa Barbara visiting several tasting rooms which is where I grabbed this bottle. I think I paid around $30 for it and was pleasantly surprised of how good it was when I got home. There is a strange phenomenon that I experience at tastings and that is that usually nothing tastes wowing. The wines I had on this trip were WAY too warm which is a wine snob thing, it's a chemistry thing! Alcohol is a very volatile chemical which means it vaporizes easily sending molecules of its substance into the air and into your nose! When a wine is served too warm, the alcohol can easily overwhelm the other chemical components of the wine and leave you less than impressed. I only bought two wines on this trip and this one in particular I didn't even taste at the winery tasting room. I bought it because I just knew that it woulod probably be good.

For any of our winery readers, please note the above; it is a real concern. You want to show case your wine not discourage people from buying it to state the obvious.

Well done Santa Barbara Winery and raise a glass!

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