Monday, January 20, 2014

Daniel Gehrs Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 (Central Coast) wine review by (PB)

Garnet hue with green aromas, cedar and green pepper, and black berry.

Palate--Berry fruit over shadowed by vegetal notes as listed above, quick finish.

I was not familiar with this label so decided to grab one and see who and what these folks were about. The wine is easy drinking, with a supple texture but it's just too imbalanced with all the green stuff going on. *I will edit my comments if it changes with breathing but... I will be paring it with venison stew.
I believe I paid around $12 for it and as of this moment I would not raise a glass.

*A day later the "green stuff" toned down and was more integrated than when I opened it. It still is not remarkable but was okay and pretty typical for the price point. It was nice with the venison stew which was outstanding!

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Robert Jhonatham Smith said...

well done, loved this so much