Friday, March 29, 2013

Holman Ranch Pinot Noir (Estate Grown) 2010 *Sponsored wine review by (PB)

Classic light Pinot hue which on opening has a bouquet of big pie cherry aromas with subtle strawberry underneath riding on a touch of cocoa with a suggestion of grapefruit or citrus.

Palate--This is a super fresh, crisp, focused Pinot with a big beam of fresh red fruit and a rear palate hint of grapefruit (unusual for Pinot Noir) with a touch of smoked wood finishing with a touch of oak. Just plain enjoyable!

*The good folks at Holman Ranch located in the Carmel Valley of California sent this to the WCB for enjoyment and a sampling of their wares. It runs about $33 and is of the caliber of a solid Pinot Noir you would expect at this price point. Holman Ranch was unknown to me until now as I do not see this wine in my part of the country. The Carmel Valley AVA (American Viticultural Region)is the 13th oldest and basically the smallest of all the California AVA's with only 300 or so vines in the ground. Needless-to-say production levels of the Carmel wineries tend to be quite low which is unfortunate for the consumer.

I have several other wines from Holman Ranch to share with our followers, so visit often to see the rest and Raise a Glass!

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