Saturday, June 02, 2012

Four Vines Zinfandel "Dusi Vineyard' 2008 (Paso Robles) wine review by (PB)

Nice garnet/ruby hue Bouquet--blueberry liqueur; with classic brambly, wild berry, spicy fruit with a touch of dark fudge on the end of the varietal bouquet. Palate--Nice big fruit bomb,(meant positively here) with touches of baker's chocolate at mid palate and a woody, charcoaly lingering--and I mean lingering--berry finish that goes on and on and on! Foundation is still a little chewy. I grabbed this on a trip to Minneapolis this past winter paying around $38 if I remember. I had not seen this Zin anywhere in my neck of the woods so I brought it home with me. This is solid Zinfandel with good structure. I am noticing that Sonoma Zins and Paso Zins seem to differ in the amount of pigmentation that ends up in the glass. (Sonoma Zins seem to be nearly black at this level where the Paso Robles Zins are much lighter in their presentation. But "lighter hue"--at least this one--does not mean lighter in structure, weight etc. This one delivers in a big way despite what might look like a wimpy start. If you love Zin, you'll love this so raise a glass!

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