Friday, June 15, 2012

Ecco Domani Moscato 2011 sponsored Wine review by (PB)

Lightly straw-hued presentation with a bouquet that will knock your socks off!
Fragrant, sweet tropical fruit with green apple and stone fruit, orange blossom, and a crazy presence of "Chinese 5 spice" (if you cook like I do, you know the unique sweet spice well!)

Palate--Sweet, but not cloying with stone fruit and beautiful tropical fruit with an acidic touch to carry it all well.

I was not expecting much from this Italian varietal even though I tend to really like Moscatos. But this is one of the best I have had. Italy grows a lot of Moscato and plans to expand that in the near future.

This is a great example of value wine. You take a grape that is not real well known, construct it well and you get a nice quaff. This will pair excellently with difficult to pair foods like oriental or Indian but is amazing as an aperitif in the Summer sun or picnic. Chill it well for drinking by itself for a refreshing dose of joy or serve it closer to cellar temp (55 degrees) to get the full appreciation of this nicely made wine. It runs $8-$10 so raise plenty of glasses of liquid summer!

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