Friday, June 01, 2012

Dom Perignon vintage 2000 Brut Champagne review by Billy

Nose: Lemon flowers with yeast and warm crust notes.  After some time this amazing champagne opens up with additional layers.  At the end of this review I tasted again and pear, peach and honey are very evident smells that delight and tantalize.
Palate: Perfect, delicate, tiny bubbles that emerge from the wine, prickle your palate, then dissipate.  Extraordinarily creamy texture.  Gentle but firm acid. Some pear notes that are subtle.
Finish: short-medium finish with notes of grapefruit.
Overall:  I got this bottle as a gift several years ago.  Today I saw a bottle at the local wine store priced at $186. The character of the grape varietal that this is made from (chardonnay and pinot noir grapes) are very evident - especially the Chardonnay grapes.  They enhance this Dom Perignon 2000 with their unique character.  This was a very special day for me so we decided to celebrate with the Dom.  It is served alone but we have some chocolate, cheese, caprese salad, macadamia nuts, raspberries, cherries and croccantini crackers to munch.  Remember, if you have any kind of special wine or champagne, pick a night to open that bottle and enjoy!

Some additional "uncorking" photos are below.  This was my first ever bottle of Dom Perignon so I was very excited!

TWCB's Billy retrieving the bottle of Dom from the wine refrigerator where it was stored at 50 degrees for several years. Tonight is the night!

After removing the foil from around the top of the bottle (it was GLUED ON!) this is what you see.  Nicely branded cork stop / cage. Removing the cork cage reveals...

The Dom cork with the legendary crest.  Nice touch. Now for the best part...

Poured into a Dom Perignon Flute.  What a thing of beauty.

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