Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cockburn's Ruby Port review by (PB)

If you haven't explored the world of Port for Pete's sake do so! Port--real port from Portugal will be called Porto or Oporto on the label and no where else in the world is port made that is worth drinking. Australia has tried with minimal success and California produces only one port wine worth mentioning and that is from FicklinVineyards.

Don't even think of buying the domestic "ports" which are nasty, cough syrupy, sickeningly sweet medicines. Port is awesome and is a desert wine so it is sweet but before you screw up your nose and say, "I don't like sweet wines" you have to start over with your thinking. Classy desert wines, made from hundreds of years of experience that are balanced with the right acid ratios are awesome and affordable.

This one costs around $12 but most any Oporto in the $10-$20 range is going to be decent!

Review: Sweet raisiny bouquet with prune notes and a palate that is brimming with sweet prune and blackberries on the finish even if a touch "hot."

Now--sip some port with a chunk of Stilton or a block of dark chocolate and be prepared to get hooked. Raise a glass!


jane said...

I agree. I am sipping this delectable port as I read. I think a nice strong cheddar is a fitting combination

logic said...

what a great idea, i'll go grab some from the fridge :)