Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Beaulieu Vineyards "Tapestry" 2006 reivew by (PB)

In a rare meeting of the whole Wine Cask Blog--(NW)(Billy) and myself, we sat down amidst the pandemonium of our four families--and 8 of my 9 grandchildren to sit, taste and review a couple nice wines.
Presents with a deep black cherry hue with fresher fruity bouquet of black cherry and plum pie with deep tar notes.

Palate--plush tannins with solid dark fruit and the subtlest of vanilla, cocoa and fruit in the nice finish.

BV's "Tapestry" holds a special place in the enophilic chamber of my heart being such a favored wine that I transported it on a trip to Italy one year to drink in the gardens at Vignamaggio--birthplace of Mona Lise. (Pretty cheeky considering we were in the heart of Chianti...)

At any rate--(NW)scored this wine for less than $30 which is a great price on a value wine so raise a glass!

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