Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chateau Nicot 2005 wine review by (PB)

Okay, so I have been encouraging you all to seek out the inexpensive 05 Bordeaux because you will find some real bargains from this stellar year. This Grand Vin De Bordeaux has a ue of black cherry with a back bone and bouquet of milk chocolate with sour cherries galore and intense aromas that change by the second.

There are herbs all over the place with fresh basil on a powdery carpet with subtle earthy undertones. And this is just the bouquet--I have already gotten my $12 out of it without even tasting it!

In the mouth the wine is surprisingly thin in texture with bready, sour cherry flavors. With an hour or so to breath, this wine emits blueberry aromas with a palate that is balanced but a little dull. With yet more breathing, cedar galore is like a Christmas tree just was delivered!

After two hours fo breathing this wine changes into an exemplary 05 that is a SUPER value that finishes with fresh red fruit. I WILL buy more if/when I find it! Raise a glass to these 05 bargains!

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Anonymous said...

I found this wine in Kappy's for $9.00 it is very good.