Sunday, September 28, 2008

Casillero Del Diablo Carmenere 2007 wine review by (PB)

This 07 is highly pigmented like a Syrah with really big aromas of deep lush dark fruit with cigar box fragrances, elderberry and with breathing, chocolate and more dark fruit.

In the mouth the wine has an initial front palate of nice spice with young tannins, and dark rich berries with fruit that hangs on and a smokey charcoal finish.

A rich extracted wine from Chile and decent for the $10 tag. See (NW's) review on the 2006 a few entries earlier then raise a glass.


At 11:11 AM permalink, Blogger Ephraim said...

Ahh, this is my de facto table wine. Please give it a try, people! It pairs acceptably well with most dishes that call for a red.

The tannins hold it up enough to balance out a rich dish while the good amount of sweetness allows it to be merely sipped along with a light meal.

At 10:39 PM permalink, Blogger John said...

I could not resist buying a bottle at $7.99...It is a fun wine with deep red color, a fruitful nose with a hint of smoke, and a sweet, smooth taste that flows across the palette. I am going to buy a case and pray for a cold winter.

At 9:54 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found this on a search.

John: that is one of the greatest wine comments I've ever read.. bravo!

"...going to buy a case and pray for a cold winter." !! How apropos for this fine Carmenere.

07 reds from chile... fan.tas.tic vintage! (same for reds from Washington state in 07... wait for their release... outstanding)

At 10:01 AM permalink, Anonymous carmenerewineguru said...

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At 5:19 AM permalink, Blogger Evildude said...

I love concha y toro's "casillero del diablo" is one of the most smoothest I've ever tried, I would love to try more wines like this,
suggestions please.....

At 2:36 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had this wine for the first time while I was in Peru, and it has become one of my favorites. For under $10 this wine is a steal! Do yourself a favor and buy a bottle of this today!


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