Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Torres Tormenta Viognier Reserve 2007 wine review by (PB)

This wine has a sweet bouquet of guava with slight pineapple and big pear aromas. Typical Viognier (pronounced Vee--own--NYAY) it has big bouquet that is flowery and an off dry palate of white flowers, sl. citrus notes and other flavors that are hard to pin down.

It is a little "weird" but interesting enough to warrant a taste. All in all, I liked it so raise a glass.

I pared it as an aperitif on a lark putting some fresh mango, peach slices and raspberry sorbet with a couple thin sliced banana tastes. I did not expect it to work at all and was surprised that while it did not really enhance anything, neither did it clash. Raise a glass to Chile.

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