Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Anura Chenin Blanc 2004 Wine Review (NW)

Tasting notes:
Exotic bouquet on the nose of butterscotch, dried apricot, and floral tones
Honey and melon notes on palate
Finish of caramel and apricot
This is a remarkable wine! It has an elegant taste of age and maturity that makes it exotic and rich. I had just one glass, but it was a generous six ounce pour at Jiko on the Disney World property in Florida. Jiko is an African-inspired restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge with exceptional food and an extensive wine list from South Africa.
Check out the Chenin Blanc's from South Africa. You'll also seem them called Steen (just another name for the same grape). The wines are reasonably priced. I paid $11 for the glass at Jiko. Raise a glass!

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