Monday, June 09, 2008

Orneliai De Cripini 2007 special select wine review by (PB)

Don't try and fine this wine anywhere in the world. It is priceless and there are only 10 known bottles which reside in my cellar. This wine, vinified from old vines of Marachel Foche grown with care on the property of yours truly produce a stellar wine considering it is the first attempt by yours truly for making homemade, home grown wine.

It has a beautiful hue of purple garnet with grapy aromas reminiscent of Welches' grape juice.

It is supposedly 12.5 % alcohol but it doesn't taste like it. But this first attempt is amazingly easy to drink and well made all things being considered. It does have some character though not much yet it is not offensive! I would give it a 93 on a 100 point scale but then I AM biased! Raise a glass to my first crush! :) (Next year promises to be better!)

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