Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oveja Negra 2006 wine review by (BP)

This is a Chilean blend of Cabernet Franc and Carmenere. The hue of this wine whose name means "Black Sheep" is black cherry in tone with some garnet depth. Mineral notes highlight a lighter medium red berry thrust in the nose.

Palate is spicy with bready front and coarse flavors that are tight and unresolved with a bitter finish.

With air, there are musty notes with earthy tones and white pepper on the palate. Even at $10 I just didn't care for this wine; the style or the blend. Pass on this puppy!


At 4:06 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the wine - i had it on several occasions - i introduced it to my friends and they loved it =
easy on the taste buds and it gives you such a warm sensation when it is going down - will recommend it to anyone.
go Chile

At 9:56 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

love it , I'm ashamed to say that I've been drinking just a little bit every time and it still tastes great ,even without vacuuming it

At 1:44 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing wine, drinking it in Ireland and friends seems to agree.

The blogger should check this out:

At 11:20 AM permalink, Blogger PB said...

The blogger checked out the NY Times article and doesn't quite get the intended connection except somehow implying that I bagged the wine because it is not pricey. In fact--the reason our blog is one of the tops on the internet is precisely because we specialize in inexpensive wines. the great majority of our wines are under $20 and most are around the $10 price point. So the insinuation doesn't quite connect. It is certainly possible that the wine I reviewed was corked although it didn't seem so; my review stands with 30 plus years to back it up. Raise a glass.


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