Thursday, February 07, 2008

Collemura Rosso Piceno wine review by (PB)

This Italian red is garnet in hue with a purple twinge. The bouquet is a yeasty, cherry to black cherry and slight licorice with a milk chocolate foundation; all subtle and in balance.

In the mouth this wine is tart and thinly textured and thin on flavor with steely notes and unidimensional. My first impression of this wine is "not very good." With some air there is a touch of black pepper but dies quickly. I wrote "pass on this wine" but then had the rest of it the next day. It was a much better wine and my wife and I finished the bottle with no problem. So I have to change my tune! It needs a lot of time to open up and its not a great wine by any means but it is much better than I thought and at $10; raise a glass.

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