Monday, December 24, 2007

Wine & Philosophy Book Review by Billy

Looking for some last minute Christmas gift ideas for the cerebral wine lover on your list? Then check out Wine & Philosophy edited by Fritz Allhoff (Amazon link here).

(Disclosure: I was sent this book to review)

The book is a collection of essays and articles that run the gamut from heady to witty to intensely scholarly. The book appealed to me personally (I hold an undergraduate degree in philosophy and an MA in communications with an emphasis on philosophy) and was an engaging read. It is definitely not a casual read, but something that would make a great read for someone wanting to go "deeper" into both the philosophical underpinnings of wine and it's role in western philosophical traditions.

Some of the articles stretch the links between wine and various philosophical traditions or disciplines but are an enjoyable excursion into the worlds of "as if" and possibility. Consider it in the same family (though a grown up big brother) as "Pooh and the Philosophers".

Either way, enjoy this Christmas!

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